Line and Symbol Graphs
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Line and Symbol Graphs

Origin supports several types of Line and Symbol graphs. See examples in the table below:

Line Graphs

Line graph demonstrating fan performance.
Line graph with area color fill.

    Options for Line Plots:

  • Adjust the thickness, color and style of lines
  • Apply transparency to lines
  • Fill area under curve
  • Apply color to layer or page background

Symbol Graphs

Scatter graph with transparency.
Scatter graph with y error bars and drop lines.
Scatter graph with xy error bars depicting the isotope signature of N sources fonund in IAB iron meteorites.
Bubble chart showing global seismic activity. Bubble charts are a type of symbol plot where symbol size and color, in addition to position, also carry information.

    Options for Symbol Plots:

  • Choose scatter or bubble symbol style
  • Adjust symbol shape, size and color
  • Add horizontal or vertical droplines
  • Add error bars
  • Apply transparency to symbols
  • Adjust bubble-size from another dataset
  • Color-map data points using y-values or another dataset
  • Add and customize labels, including Greek and Math symbols

Line + Symbol Graphs

Line graph of Vertical Step and Horizontal Step connection types.
Line + Symbol graph with inset plots and axis break of high-resolution electron energy-loss spectra.

    Options for Line + Symbol Plots:

  • Choose Line + Symbol, Line Series, or 2 (or 3) Point segment
  • Apply transparency to lines and data points
  • Adjust shape, color and size of data points
  • Adjust the thickness, color and connection of lines

See more examples in our Graph Gallery.

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