Origin graphs copy/paste into PowerPoint and other applications
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Origin - Copy and Paste Graphs

Origin's Copy Page feature makes it easy to copy and paste your graph into other applications, such as Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® PowerPoint. Origin offers options that allow you to control how the graph is copied. For example, you can determine the size of the pasted graph.

Origin 2D Graph pasted into PowerPoint

Once a graph has been copied from Origin, you can paste the graph into the destination application as a picture or an Origin graph object. Pasting the graph as the latter allows you to edit the graph inside the receiving application using Origin's superior graph editing features. Additionally, if you use the Paste Linking option to paste the graph, you can even maintain a link between the Origin Graph and the receiving application so that any changes made to the graph can be automatically updated in your presentation/publication.

Origin 2D Graph being edited inside Word
Editing the pasted graph with Origin's graph editing features

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