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Stack and Unstack Columns

Origin’s Stack and Unstack tools simplify the data conversion process between raw and index data.

Stack Columns

The Stack Columns tool combines multiple data columns into a single column. It automatically generates an additional column containing grouping information.

With the Stack Columns tool, you can:

  • Stack data from multiple columns into one.
  • Stack columns according to their row indices.
  • Stack multiple columns into two or more groups.

Unstack Columns

The Unstack Columns tool can split one or more data columns into multiple columns based on one or more group identifier columns.

With the Unstack Columns tool, you can:

  • Split a single data column into multiple new columns.
  • Split two or more columns into additional columns based on user-defined factors.
  • Restructure the entire worksheet by including additional columns while unstacking.
Use Origin's Stack Columns tool to join several columns of data into a single column.

Stack Columns
Combine multiple columns of data into a single column

Use Origin's Unstack Columns tool to split a single data column into multiple new columns.

Unstack Columns
Split grouped data into multiple new columns

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