Organize your graphs, worksheets, and analysis results in Project Explorer
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Project Explorer

Project Explorer is the project management console for Origin project file. It’s a two-panel window in Origin, which can be auto-hidden or docked in Origin workspace.

With Project Explorer, it’s convenient for you to

The interface of Project Explorer.

Organize the Content(s)

The contents in Origin are organized in folders. Using Project Explorer, you can

  • Manage the folder(s) and content(s) in an easy way.
  • Add, modify comments for folder(s) or window(s).
  • Save a folder as a project file, or append a project file as a folder.
  • Use Favorites folder to quickly access the window(s)
The context menu of folder in Project Explorer shows the options for helping you organize the contents.

Locate the Window(s)

Project Explorer provides several tools to help you quickly locate the window(s) within current project file.

  • The Find dialog
  • Graph/Notes preview and comments tooltip
  • Showing all windows in details view and change column order
  • Showing window preview in large icons
  • View graphs as slide show
The graph preview feature helps you to locate the window quickly.
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