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Project Explorer

Organize multiple graphs and data in one Origin project using the Project Explorer tool.

The Project Explorer tool is an auto-hide , dockable window with two panes. When you first open Origin, the Project Explorer is hidden at the edge of the Origin workspace.

The left pane of the Project Explorer displays the project’s folder structure, and the right pane displays the contents of the selected folder. This may include any Origin child windows, Excel workbooks and Notes windows, as well as additional subfolders. Folders and child windows in the right pane can be moved into any subfolder within the right pane, or into any folder in the left pane.

You can also use the Project Explorer to clean up the Origin workspace. Child windows that are unnecessary to your current work can be hidden, and the “view mode” for the Origin workspace can be changed. Three view modes are provided: None, Active Folder, and Active Folder and Subfolders.


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