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User-Defined Spatial Filter

Although OriginPro offers many manipulable tools to process images, user-defined spatial filters can process an image flexibly, allowing you to apply various effects on images.

Customer can create a user-defined spatial filter and apply it to the image with the imgUserfilter function. The selected filter is passed as a parameter to this function. The filter has a rectangular form (matrix) where the values are user-defined. It allows the creation of simple customized filters, where each value found in matrix is multiplied by the corresponding pixel, and then the specified operation is performed on the results.

A filter can be defined in a matrix as below:

user-defined filter matrix


After processing the image by applying the user-defined filter, we can see that the edges and details are enhanced.

Original image

Output image

OriginPro includes the ability to automatically recalculate the analysis results of the User-Defined Spatial Filter operation any time you change the parameters or update your source data. In addition, the settings for this analysis routine can be saved to an analysis theme for use later with similar data.

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