Fitting With Weighting Methods
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Fitting With Weighting Methods

In some cases you may want certain data points to factor more heavily than others into the fitting calculations. This is called weighted fitting, and it is supported by Origin. Different types of functions can be used to assign weights to points.

Origin offers the following weighting methods:

  • No Weighting
  • Instrumental
  • Statistical
  • Arbitrary Dataset
  • Direct Weighting
  • Variance ~ y^2
  • Variance = a*y^b
  • Variance = c^b+a*y^b
  • Variance = a*y^b*c^(tlast-t)
  • Variance ~ yfit
  • Variance ~ yfit^2
  • Variance = a*yfit^b
  • Variance = c^b+a*yfit^b
  • Variance = a*yfit^b*c^(tlast-t)
  • Variance = [max(z,a)]^b

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