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The Nonlinear Curve Fitter (NLFit)

Origin's NLFit tool is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use, allowing the user to fit a non-linear mathematical function to user-selected data. You can fit a portion of your data, an entire data set or multiple data sets simultaneously, and you can choose from one of many built-in non-linear fitting functions or a custom user-defined function.

In addition to the built-in consolidated fitting report sheet, numerical and graphical results from the NLFit tool can be easily combined in an Origin worksheet to create a custom report. The report can automatically update upon data or parameter modification(s), allowing full automation of fitting analysis. Additionally, batch processing of multiple data files is supported.

Global fitting allows you to share parameters when fitting multiple data sets with a function.
In Origin, you can choose Concatenate Fit to concatenate all of the input datasets and fit as one dataset.
In Origin, you can choose Concatenate Fit to concatenate all of the input datasets and fit as one dataset.
Origin’s NLFit tool is capable of performing a multivariate regression.
The "Fit with Replicas" option is very useful when fitting with multiple peaks.
You can carry out fitting for implicit functions with an orthogonal distance regression algorithm.
It is possible to include the integrand in a user-defined fitting function.
Find X/Y values from a given Y/X value according to a fitted curve.
You can create a customized report for your fitting results.
You can compare results created by fitting one model to different input data, and create a custom report for it.
You can compare the fitting results between different models with both the AIC test and the F-test, and create a custom report from the results.
Origin's NLFit tool provides an intuitive interface for fitting your XYZ or matrix data to a surface model.
Define a piecewise (conditional) fitting function and use it for NLFit.
Perform convolution while fitting.

Origin provides full control of the fitting process.

For more background on non-linear fitting see "Curve Fitting Made Easy", authored by a senior Origin programmer.

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