Analysis Templates for faster, automated, repeat analysis
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Analysis Templates

Origin has a powerful and useful recalculation feature that can automatically update any analysis operation whenever your source data or analysis parameters are changed.

This powerful feature can be used to create Analysis Templates that are pre-configured to perform analysis and update both results and a custom report. Analysis Templates may consist of either a single Origin workbook or an entire Origin project.

With the Analysis Templates, you can:

  • Import new raw data and automatically trigger new analysis
  • View and export the analysis results
  • Include a custom report in analysis and avoid the trouble of repeatedly creating reports
  • Use it for Batch Processing
  • Load in a LabVIEW VI to automate further data analysis
  • Combine usage with the capacity to connect other Automation Server
Drag and drop to import new data into an opened Analysis Template, new analysis will be triggered
A custom report can be included in an Analysis Template
Load an Analysis Template to carry out batch processing
Analysis Templates can be used to automate the analysis of data acquired from an instrument or sensor in LabVIEW. View Example

Use an Analysis Template is Easy...

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