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LabVIEW Connectivity

Origin and OriginPro are compatible with National Instruments LabVIEW™

National Instruments™ LabVIEW™ is widely used for data collection. For example, many instrument and sensor vendors provide LabVIEW drivers for acquiring data. Once the data is collected, the end user will need to analyze the data and create reports for presentation. Origin provides powerful data analysis and graphing tools, including the Analysis Template feature which provides the means for performing repeat analysis on newly acquired data. The ability to communicate between LabVIEW and Origin can thus greatly improve the efficiency of data acquisition, and post-acquisition analysis and presentation.

“Origin 8 can now really augment LabVIEW’s power.  The drag-and-drop Origin sub-VIs that come with Origin 8 are simple and easy to use. With Origin's Analysis Templates it is now very simple to create a reusable application that acquires data from third-party instruments, and then passes the data for analysis and report generation to Origin. One can also get curve fit results back into LabVIEW to display in LabVIEW's charts and graphs on the fly. What's best is that this is all accomplished in a native LabVIEW environment.”

    James T. Gardner, Ph. D.
    Chief Engineer
    Environmental Instruments, Inc.

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With this objective in view, we have provided a collection of LabVIEW sub-VIs (see images) that are shipped with Origin. LabVIEW users can then simply incorporate these custom sub-VIs in their main LabVIEW application to communicate seamlessly with Origin.

Palette: Matrix

Palette: OriginApp

Palette: Waveforms

Palette: Origin Classics

View National Instruments White Paper on Connecting LabVIEW with Origin.

For detailed information on the LabVIEW sub-VIs shipped with Origin, please see: Sub-VIs provided by Origin.

NOTE: Some of the custom VIs are available only since Origin 8 with the latest patch. Please apply the patch to obtain the most recent set of LabVIEW VIs.


For more details on LabVIEW connectivity and examples, please refer to this page.

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