Axis Breaks
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Axis Breaks

Origin now supports multiple axis breaks on a single axis, with full control of axis scale and tick labels for each axis segment.

Multiple breaks on a single graph axis (3 breaks pictured).

Axis dialog box showing controls for Break 1. Break 2 and 3 Controls are seen in the tree to the left.

Zero-gap break to change Y axis scale.

Axis dialog showing a single "zero-gaph" Y axis break (from "0" to "0"). Each axis segment has its own scale.

Axis breaks on X, Y and Z scales in OpenGL 3D plot.

Axis Dialog controls for breaks on X, Y and Z axes in a
3D OpenGL plot.

Open the '''New Features in Version 9.1''' sample project and then click on the '''Graph Customization''' worksheet to learn more.

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