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Origin's Developer Kit

The Developer Kit is a utility that allows users to build complex dialog boxes, floating tools, and wizards. The kit provides all the necessary resources and files to help create such dialogs and then access them programmatically from Origin C. Dialogs created using the Developer Kit can contain embedded Origin graphs and other third party components. Controls and embedded objects can be placed arbitrarily and organized in multiple tabs, panels, or wizard pages.

For detailed documentation please refer to the OriginLab Help site.

Dialogs like the Import Wizard and Layer Management Dialog in Origin can be created with the Developer Kit

If your dialog needs are simpler, you may be able to create them using the X-Functions technology available in Origin.

Creating resource-only DLLs that can be accessed by Origin C

Origin's Developer Kit includes an Origin Dialog AppWizard which simplifies the process of creating a resource-only DLL in Microsoft® Visual C++® and other resource editors/compilers. Then you can access these resources in Origin with Origin C.

Controls that are supported include:

  • Button
  • Check Box
  • Combo Box
  • Edit Box
  • Group Box
  • List Box
  • Picture
  • Radio Button
  • Rich Edit
  • Slider
  • Spin
  • Static Text
  • FlexGrid
  • Tab

In addition, you can also include Origin graph and worksheet controls, bitmap toolbar buttons, images, custom controls, and third party ActiveX® controls in the resource-only DLL.

Accessing Developer Kit resources with Origin C

Once resources have been created and are made available in a resource-only DLL they can be accessed in Origin with Origin C. Additionally, you can develop Origin C code to handle the events associated with your resources.

In Origin C, special class objects called message maps can be used to map resource events to event handler functions. The Developer Kit automatically creates template code for each message map and several basic event handler functions to facilitate the creation of the message maps. You can add more handler functions, if so desired. Then you can code the handler function bodies to complete the mapping.

Sharing tools created with Developer Kit

You can share Origin tools created with the Developer Kit with other users, even with those who don't have the Developer Kit, by supplying the necessary files - including the required precompiled files - to the user.

For licensed Concurrent Network users (click here to see the License Options), sharing tools created with Developer Kit becomes even more convenient with the help of the Group Folder feature. After creating an Origin tool with the Developer Kit, you can pack the tool or its components (to allow other users to modify the tool) as an .opx file and publish the file into the Group Folder. All members of the group will get this package automatically at next start-up of Origin. If the Origin tool is updated, it can be published to the Group Folder again. Other members will be notified of the updates and they can get the new version after restarting their Origin.

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