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Origin 9: New Feature List


OpenGL 3D Graphs: High performance 3D graphs and 3D function plots    View Movie

3D Parametric Function Plots     View Movie

Scatter Matrix Plot: Group Data Points, Insert Box Plot/Histogram in Diagonal Cells

Ternary Plot: Support Clockwise/Counter clockwise Axis Orientation    View Movie

Polar Plot: Support Negative Numbers/Radius    View Movie

Stacked Column/Bar Plot: Sort Columns/Bars by Value    View Movie

Pareto Chart: Combine Smaller Values as One Category

Legend: Combine Metadata using Substitution Notation, Hide/Show Data Plot Directly    View Movie

Use the Context Menu to Quickly Change X or Y Data for 2D Data Plots    View Movie

Add Vertical or Horizontal Lines with Labels in 2D Graphs    View Movie

Insert Info. Variable: Graph Labeling using Metadata from Data Plots    View Movie

Data Analysis

Implicit Function Fitting: using Orthogonal Distance Regression   (PRO Only)    View Movie

IIR Filter Design Design and Apply an Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filter   (PRO Only)    View Movie

Find New X/Y from Curve Fitting: Report Confidence Interval on Computed Values

Report Sheets: Options to Choose or Define Data Identifier for Multiple Input Data    View Movie

Batch Processing: Use Data With Y Error as Input

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: More Distance Measures   (PRO Only)

Grubbs Test and Q-test to Detect Outliers

Interpolation: New Template to Compute X or Y values by Interpolation    View Movie

Recalculation: Pause Update of Operation Output using Ctrl+Shift+P

Import & Export

Animation Support: Video Creation Tool, LabTalk and Origin C Access

Import: Specify Channel when Importing MDF, NITDM, DIADem, Prism, pClamp, Matlab Data Files


Data Filter: Hide Rows using Column Criteria, Dynamically Update Graphs & Analysis Results    View Movie

Floating Graphs: Easier Placement of Graphs on Worksheet for Report Creation    View Movie

Set Column Values Dialog: Insert Range Variable/Column Label Cell by Worksheet Selection    View Movie

Display Statistics Info on Selected Cells in Status Bar    View Movie

Worksheet Styles: Right-click to Set Rich Text in Worksheet from Context Menu    View Movie

Data Exploration

Global Vertical Cursor Gadget: Read XY Coordinates Across Multiple Related Graphs    View Movie

Annotation Tool: More Label Options    View Movie

Data Info Window: More Options for Report Settings, Better Data Display

Origin Interface

Project Explorer: Support Left/Right Split of Panels    View Movie

Toolbars: Easily Add or Remove Buttons    View Movie

Improved Dialog to Transfer Customized User Files from Previous Versions    View Movie

Script Window: Toggle Window using Shift+Alt+3


Code Builder: New Editor based on Scintilla Code, including support for Code Folding

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