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   Scale Ternary Plot



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It can be used to scale the already made Ternary Plot or Plot a Ternary Plot directly from a datasheet (contains 3 columns and better set as XYZ).


This function can be used to scale the ternary plot.

To use it, install the OPK first, then you will have a new button. Before click on the button, make sure you have either a datasheet with 3 columns at least or the active plot is a ternary type.

It will pop up a dialog, which asks you to specify the range for each axis (of course, the From and To values for all axis are connected, it will check if the inputs are correct). For simplicity, please use 0-100 for input, while the out put can be 0-1 or 0-100 scale or other types which is simply controlled by Divided by Factor.

You can also specify the prefix and suffix for the label, but again for simplicity, all axises will be the same prefix and suffix. Also the number of major ticks and minor ticks can be changed.

All axis titles can be changed via this dialog as well.

Another option is, sometimes, people would like the axis titles displayed at three corners instead of their original places, by checking or unchecking "Axis Title at Corner", this can be easily achieved.

After the first scale procedure, 6 new columns will be added to your original datasheet. The purposes for each of them:

The first 3 columns are used for the scaled plot, please DO NOT make any changes to them.

The next 3 columns labelled as XYZ are original data, you can add or delete point as you wish, but after each change, you have to run the Scale function again to update the change (just click Apply once then close it).

The next 3 columns store the axis labels for later scale calculation, please DO NOT make any changes to them.

You can also open the scaled worksheet and click on this icon to make a new ternary plot, which will show you the graph with the proper scale.

For plots in MS-word document (inserted by copy and paste from Origin), you can directly modify them: just double click on the inserted pictures.

It also provides UnDo and ReDo actions for what you have changed. For simplicity, only once can be performed.

I have not tested with Version 7, hopefully it can be used.

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Rated by: asutti

Date: (8/23/2011 10:52:07 PM)

IT DOES NOT WORK ON ORIGIN8!! Nonetheless, it's the tool I NEED!!! SO USEFUL...if it worked on Origin 8...

Rated by: reza

Date: (8/6/2006 12:43:34 PM)

Rated by: Hao Tan

Date: (4/26/2006 9:57:36 AM)

The plot is made based on Origin's ternary plot, which can only show a triangle. Your request requires a new template to show a trapezium, which is quite complicated.

Rated by:

Date: (4/25/2006 11:55:44 AM)

great but i would like to look only at the lower part of the ternary phase diagram, so to say. x 0-100 y 0-50 z 0-100! this doesn't work

Rated by: Wu Wenfei

Date: (2/20/2006 9:04:15 AM)

A very good program.

Rated by: lim kai yang

Date: (7/19/2005 8:04:27 AM)

Rated by: kaiyang

Date: (7/19/2005 8:04:03 AM)

Rated by: ky lim

Date: (7/19/2005 8:03:49 AM)

Rated by: lim ky

Date: (7/19/2005 8:03:32 AM)

excellent prog

Rated by: Carsten

Date: (9/27/2004 3:23:23 AM)

This scaling option helps a lot.

Rated by: Souad

Date: (8/31/2004 11:04:55 AM)

does it work for Origin 6.1

Rated by: souad

Date: (8/31/2004 10:45:28 AM)

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