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   Calculates slope & y-intercept for 2 points


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Graphically select two data points. A line will then be drawn between them and the slope and y-intercept values will be calculated.


This script allows the user to graphically select two data points. A line will then be drawn between them and the slope and y-intercept values will be displayed as a text label on the graph.

Save the downloaded file, Pick2Points.ogs, in your Origin root folder.

To run the script, you can open the Script Window by selecting Window:Script Window and typing the following:
Then press Enter.

You can associate this script with any of the user-defined toolbar buttons. Select View:Toolbars to open the Customize Toolbar dialog. On the Button Groups tab, select the User Defined group. Now choose one of the 10 buttons. With one of these buttons selected, click the Settings button. For the File Name enter Pick2Points.ogs. Leave the Section Name and Argument List blank. (Tool Tip Text and Status Bar: You can enter whatever text you want displayed in the Status bar as well as when you mouse over the button.) For Context, leave Window selected. Uncheck everything except for Graph. The button is then enabled only when you have a graph as the active window.

Drag this button out to the Origin workspace. You can also dock it on any of Origin's other toolbars.

When the script runs, the Data Reader tool is enabled and allows the user to pick 2 points. Once these 2 points are picked, the line is drawn between them and the slope and y-intercept values are displayed as a text label in the graph.



Rated by: weitong

Date: (4/11/2006 11:13:24 AM)

Good. If it can also use screen reader tool for clicking any points in the graph, then will be better.

Rated by: eastok

Date: (8/31/2004 4:58:59 AM)

thats great, dont forget to double click on points, when you select them by Data Reader Tool!

Rated by: vccer

Date: (6/30/2003 1:20:27 AM)

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