Guidelines to Submit a File

The OriginLab File Exchange provides a venue for Origin and OriginPro customers to share files and custom applications (developed in Origin/OriginPro) with other users. To submit a file, you must be the original author and the submission should adhere to the following field-specific guidelines:

File Type
Categorize your file/application submission by Origin object by selecting a specific Origin object type from the drop-down list.

File Category
Categorize your file/application submission by the field of work it most applies to as listed in the Fields drop-down list. Choose Miscellaneous if your submission does not fall into any one particular field.

Create using Origin
Specify the version your file/application submission was created in by selecting an Origin version from this drop-down list.

Minimum Origin Version Required:
Specify the minimum Origin version required in order to use your file/application.

Title, Summary, and Description
These three fields are required. Please note the following character limitations. If these limits are exceeded, the information entered will be truncated.

  • Title field - 50
  • Summary field - 150
  • Description field - 3000

Note that if the submitted file is an App package, the Title, Summary fields will be automatically filled in with content extracted from the App package and not modifiable.

Submit Files
Check 64/32-bit Compatibility checkbox if your file/submission is only compatible with 64-bit or 32-bit operation system. Otherwise click the Choose File button under 64/32 bit neutral: section, select your file and click Open. The file name with file extension will be entered into 64/32 bit neutral: text field. Please remember to fill in all other fields before submitting. Please also note the following:

  • File Size Limitation - Your file/application submission cannot exceed 5.5 MB in size. All information included in your submission counts against this limitation. This includes the information entered into all other fields (e.g. Title, Summary, Description, Screen Shot Image, etc.)
  • Multiple Files - If your application includes 2 or more files, please use a tool (e.g. Origin for *.OPK files or WinZip?for *.ZIP files) to pack all required files into one archive file. This one file can then be uploaded.

Screen Shot Image
Use this field to submit a screenshot of the file/application. Click the Choose File button, select the desired image, and click the Open button. The file name with file extension of your image will be entered into the Screen Shot Image text field. Please note: If your file/application would be better described by multiple screen shots, combine them into one screen shot first.
Please also note: The only formats currently accepted are GIF, PNG, JPEG.

To indicate the licensing infomation for the file being posted. The default is "Free". If this file requires purchase, plase descript the license in that field, such as "Free to try, $50 to buy". The max length for that field is 40 characters.

File Version
Use this field to assign a file version to your file/application submission. Typical file versions might be: 1.11, etc, where you can use up to two decimal digits.

To log the updates made in every submitted file versions. The max length for that field is 50 characters.

Requires OriginPro
Check this checkbox if your file/submission requires functionalities only available in OriginPro.

Request Approval
If your submission is an App, you will need to request approval from OriginLab to publish it. You will be notified by OriginLab through email when your App has been approved. You can also check the processing status by OriginLab Tested, OriginLab Approved checkboxes.

Updating the Title, Summary, and Description fields
If your submission is an App, you can only modify the Title and Summary contents contained in the OPX package in Package Manager. For details, please refer to Modifying an App section. For other file types, you can directly edit contents in those fields and submit changes. Please note that none of those fields can be empty.

Updating the File or Screen Shot Image fields
When using the Update Files form, the file/application and/or screen shot image can be updated by using each field’s respective Choose File button. Simply click the Choose File button, select your file, and click Open. Once you have made all other changes to the Update Files form, click the Update button and your file/application and/or screen shot image will be updated. Please note:

  • If the File or Screen Shot Image field is empty, that field will be skipped during the update process. Therefore, the original contents will remain unchanged.
  • If the File or Screen Shot Image field includes a valid path and file name, the new file/image will replace the existing file/image when the update process is completed. Please note that the screen shot image is limited to the following formats: GIF and JPEG.

Please Note:
It is the original author’s responsibility to maintain his/her own OriginLab File Exchange submissions. OriginLab reserves the right to remove any OriginLab File Exchange submission from the site at any time and for any reason.

For more information about creating and updating Apps for Origin, please visit this page.