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Reduce OPJ size by examining workbooks and dependencies

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The purpose of this App is to find and view all workbooks and matrix books that is organized with or without plotted data or with/without data analysis:

  1. Find Independent books which do not have any data plotted or analysis done on it. 
  2. Clean up the opj by deleting independent workbooks. 
  3. Find books with data plotted or analysis done on it. 
  4. For active book, find graphs or analysis done on each sheet or on each column. 
  5. Double click workbook or graph to activate the window in Origin workspace for editing. 


Regarding to analysis, this app can only find dependency between fitting and statistics tools.

  1. For other analysis such as set column values and X-Function based tools, this app may list the data book or result book on Independent Books tab. So before deleting a book, please check Operations column. 
  2. The Operations column only lists output dependency (how many analysis outputs that are dependent on the data from the listed book). The operations column does not list input dependency (how many workbooks it depends on). So even if the Operation shows as 0, be careful when deleting it. One example: Let's say you have Book1 with some data. Use the Worksheet: Convert to Matrix, which is an X-Function based tool, to convert the data in a Workbook into a Matrix book. From the matrix book there is a green lock indicating it's an an output of an operation/analysis function. If you search Independent Books, both the workbook and matrix book are listed. When you select Find/Update in the Independent tab,  Workbook1 lists 1 in the Operation column which means there is 1 operation based on it. While for the Matrix book, 0 shows in the Operations column, which means it doesn't list that it depends on Book1.

Download the file and drag-and-drop onto Origin. A new icon named OPJ Examiner will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

Tab1- Independent Books:

  1. Select the Find/Update tab, this will search and list all books in this project that do not have plotted data in graphs or data used in analysis.
  2. Click on a column header from the table to sort the table data by that column.
  3. Double click on any of  the rows to activate the book in Origin.
  4. Check the checkbox at the end of the row, and then select the Delete button to delete this book from the project. Note that checking the checkbox at the top will check all entries.

Tab2- Dependent Books:

  1. Select the Find/Update tab to list all books in this project that contains plotted data in graphs or data that is used in analysis.
  2. In the table, click on a column header to sort the listed data by that column.
  3. Double click on any of the rows to activate the book in Origin.

Tab3- Dependents Browser:

  1. Activate book and select Sheet mode to list all sheets in activated book or select Column Mode to list all column names in activated book.
  2. Select the Check button to create a table that lists all graphs with its plotted data corresponding to column name (Column Name) or sheet name (Sheet Mode).
  3. Hover over the graph name to see graph preview.
  4. Double-click on the graph preview to activate the graph window in Origin.


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06/14/2017zhqhermWell~Help a lot.Perfect!