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Insert LaTeX objects in worksheet cells, graph axes titles, legends and text labels.

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This app can be used to insert LaTeX objects in worksheet cells, graph axes titles, legends and text labels.


NEW App Features in version 2.0 or later (requires Origin 2017 or later):

Installing and using the LaTeX App version 2.0 or later in Origin 2017 or higher versions allows for the following features:

  • Insert a LaTeX object into worksheet column label row cells, axis titles, and legends.
  • Arbitrary text labels on either graphs or worksheets.
  • Easily generate the LaTeX markup for built-in fitting functions via a button in the App dialog


Installing the LaTex App allows you to also add LaTeX objects to worksheet column label rows, graph axis titles, and graph legends. Also, you can add the LaTeX markup for all built-in fitting functions via a simple click of a button in the App dialog.




If your version is Origin 2023 or higher versions, MikTex and OAutotrace will be installed automatically when you install the app.

If your version is lower than Origin 2023, you must have the following installed on your computer before you can use this App:

  1. MiKTeX
    You can download MiKTeX from:
    Note: During MikTex installation, choose All Users (default) instead of This User Only.
  2. OAutotrace
    You can download OAutotrace from our OAutotrace page.

After installing the aforementioned components:

  • Restart Origin if already running.
  • Download the file LaTex.opx from this page, and then drag-and-drop the file onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.
  • When you launch the app for the first time, the Get MikTex Path dialog will open for you to select the path of the LaTex.exe file. If MikTex was installed in the default path, the path is: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX\miktex\bin\x64 .


  1. With a graph window active, click the "LaTex" icon from Apps Gallery window and the LaTex Equation Editor dialog will open.
  2. Input LaTex script in Equation edit box. Click the Preview button to preview the result .
  3. Click OK button to insert the equation into the active graph window.
  4. To modify the equation, you can double click on the inserted equation to re-open the editor.


  • The equation in the graph can be rotated, and the color can be changed using the Format toolbar.
  • Exporting the graph as EPS or PDF will maintain the equation as a vector object.
  • When clicking the Preview button for the first time, you will experience an extended delay (perhaps in excess of a minute) as the App fetches additional packages from the internet. The update status is shown on the Origin Status Bar at the bottom of your workspace. This delay will occur only on first time use. Subsequent operations will be much faster.
  • If the equation need call other packages, e.g. chemfig, you'd better run it in TeXworks (TeXworks is MiKTex's editor. You can find it in Windows Start menu or Search button) first to install required packages. For example, 


  • If it can work in TeXworks, but fail in Origin's LaTex app, select Help: Open Folder: Application Data from Origin menu, navigate to the folder: \\ImageCache\textemp, and delete temp files. Restart Origin, and it can work now.

Learn More:

This blog post highlights new features for the App in Origin 2017 including adding LaTeX objects to worksheet column label rows, graph axis titles, and graph legends:

The following blog post provides more information about installing and using the App:

To learn more about the important improvements in version 2.3, read this blog post:

If you begin to have issues generating output with markup that is known to work, or if you want to delete temporary files and free up disk space, see this blog post:

Note for Old Versions:

  • App version 1.71 or later requires Origin 2017 SR0
  • App version 1.4 requires Origin 2016 SR2
  • If you have installed the earlier version v1.2 of this App,  please follow these steps:
    • Uninstall the App (right-click on the icon and select Uninstall)
    • Close Origin
    • Navigate to the user folder, such as:
      C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\OriginLab\93\TMP\textemp\,
    • Delete the temp files
    • Restart Origin and then install the new version of the App


v 2.4: 10/26/2022 Supported to auto install MiKTex and OAutotrace in Origin 2023.
v 2.3: 12/30/2019 Updated to make it compatible with Origin 2017 and 2018.
v 2.2: 9/29/2019 Updated error message.
v 2.1: 8/14/2018 Updated Chinese version's dialog.
v 2.0: Insert LaTeX objects in worksheet cells, graph axes titles, legends and text labels.
v 1.4: Improved handling of temporary files created by the App
v 1.4: Allows additional LaTeX commands including full documents

Reviews and Comments:

04/14/2024berlin222Not works with texlive yet. MikTex is too hard to use. so, install both of them?



08/22/2023lu weihang 

05/19/2023OriginLabHi wanghusheng,
Please try to define the font size at the doucment header, such as


05/18/2023wanghushengOrigin 2022 is fine. But in Origin 2023, When I use


an error occurs
"The document header may not be using recommended 12pt fonts. The font size combo button may not work properly."

And nothing is shown in the graph