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Provides extended functionality to the Multiple Axes Plot (Double Y) in Origin. Includes more plot types and easy-to-use across-layer manipulation.

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In addition to Origin's multiple axes plot, this tool provides further capability to directly create XYXY or XXY plots with two linked layers, also it includes easier cross-layer managements for multiple axes plot, e.g. align Y axis ticks, exchange XY or rescale plot for all layers.etc


Download the attached DoubleY_Toolbar.opx, drag and drop it onto the Origin workspace) to install it, then the DoubleY toolbar will show up with several buttons.


There are 10 buttons in this toolbar, hover mouse over each to see the name of the button:

1. Align Ticks Between Left and Right Y Axis: Align Y axis ticks across the layers, possible to add connection line for certain Y axis values;

2. Re-configure the Plot Type in Both Layers;

3. XYXY Plot: From two XY data ranges, directly create a graph with two linked layers, and the two XY data ranges are separately plotted into each layer;

4. Exchange XY for All Layers;

5. Switch left and right Y Axis;

6. Hide Top X Axis: for double Y plot with shared X axis, hide the top X axis;

7. Switch Plot Order: for two data plots distributed in two layers, click this button to switch the two data plots across layers;

8. ReScale All Layers;

9. Create Double X Plot: open a dialog and select two dataset for X and one for Y to create a double X axes plot;

10. Set offset to avoid overlap: Specify the offset for data plots in a double Y plot.


Reviews and Comments:
10/05/2021Edendarvex777This is exactly what I needed. Straight forward and easy to use.

02/03/2021earul123can't use in 8.5 version. Could you some one plz help me to solve the issue. I am struggling with tow independent set plotting in origin.

07/13/2017mario19810312Excelent! Effective and easy to use!