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7 Origin File Types

Roundup of Origin File Types

Various Origin file types and their usages are listed in the table below:

File Type File Extension Used As
Origin Project Files *.opj A container for all data.
Child Window Files *.ogw;*.ogg;*.ogm;*.txt The child windows for workbooks (.ogw), graph (.ogg), matrix(.ogm), notes (.txt).
Template Files *.otp;*.otw;*.otm A stored customizable suite of data-handling and format options: graphs(.otp), worksheets (.otw), matrix(.otm).
Theme Files *.oth;*.ois;*.odt;*.ofp; A saved suite of user-defined settings with multiple applications in Origin. A *.oth file applies to a graph/worksheet/matrix sheet/report table; A *.ois applies to analyses and dialogs; A *.odt applies to dialogs; A *.ofp applies to function plots.
Import Filter Files *.oif An external file which handles basic import file parsing and data extraction.
Fitting Function Files *.fdf A fitting function definition file.
LabTalk Script Files *.ogs A text file organized in sections of LabTalk script.
Origin C Files *.c;*.cpp;*.h;.etc A file used for developing Origin C programs.
X-Function Files *.oxf;*.xfc; An Origin tool with a flexible mechanism for performing a wide variety of data manipulation tasks.
Origin Package Files *.opx A package file created for distributing custom applications.
Origin Menu Files *.xml;*omc; A file that contains Origin menu information. An *.xml can be edited outside of Origin for menu customization purposes. An *.omc file contains the configuration of customized menus.
Initialization Files *.ini A file that controls the configuration of some Origin features on startup.
Configuration Files *.cnf A text file that contains LabTalk script commands.
Custom Plot Symbols origin.uds A binary file that holds the bitmap images of custom symbols.

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