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5 What's New in 2017

Origin 2017 Highlights

Origin Central

  • A new "startup" dialog provides quick access to OriginLab learning resources, Apps, templates, and sample Origin projects, including data analysis projects in which you can import your own data and run a predetermined set of analyses.

Spreadsheet Cell Notation

  • New default column short-naming similar to MS Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Support for F(x)= column label row and Set Values formulas, e.g. "col(A)" becomes "A" and "col(A)[1]" becomes "A1".
  • Direct reference to columns in other sheet in same book or other book, e.g. "Sheet1!A", "1!A", "[Book1]Sheet1!A", and "[Book1]1!A".
  • Auto reassignment of column names when inserting, deleting, moving columns.
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New Plot menu with Large Icons

  • Origin's Plot menu has been reorganized, with larger icons for easier access.
  • The Plot menu also includes user-defined templates and System templates, plus most-recently used templates.

Annotation Tool Improvements

  • Improved Annotation dialog, with better label and leader line customization.
  • ALT + drag a label to another data point.
  • Annotation toolbar button is moved out of the Data Reader group to make it more obvious.
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Multiple reference lines and recession bars in 2D graphs  

  • Add multiple reference lines, perpendicular to the graph axis and fill the area between them to create recession bars, etc.
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Trellis Plots

  • New, multi-panel grouped plot for graphing of multivariable data
  • Plot Details Panel tab for swapping axis variables, wrap panels, or alternating axis tick label display, etc.
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3D Bars, Stacked Bars, 100% Stacked Bars

  • Different bar shapes for 3D Bars. Read More ...
  • Group plots in 3D XYZ scatter, XYZ bars and Matrix bars
  • Stacked and 100% stacked bars from XYY, XYZ and Matrix data. Read More ...

Box Plot Improvements

Improvements to Hatch Fill Patterns

  • Greater selection of fill patterns.
  • New geologic patterns.
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Other New Features

Ease of Use


  • Undo support for Plot Details (graph) customizations (CTRL+Z or Edit: Undo).
  • Tooltip of book, sheet and column information when mousing over plot.
  • Toolbar button to rescale X, Y or Z axis only.
  • Leader line for special tick labels.
  • Set tick label to be a combination of column labels
  • Apply graph Themes to all graphs in a subfolder or a to specified subset of graphs.
  • Define custom colors by hex code (html color).
  • Support pasting of plain text when copying from other applications (Paste Special - Unformatted Text).
  • Layer switching added to the Axis dialog box.
  • Map symbol size to a math expression of a column.


  • Set Values, Before Formula Scripts: Users are able to auto-load Conditional/Loop syntax.


  • The old Object Properties and Programming Control dialog boxes associated with text objects, graph legends and drawing objects, have been combined into a single, tabbed dialog.
  • Help menu access to key folders: ProgramData, User Files, Autosave, Program Folder.

3D Graphing

  • Dropline direction control in 3D plot and 3D plots in projected planes.
  • Wrap tick labels in 3D graphs.
  • New System Variable (@LC3P) to control the shape of dropline caps.
  • Improvements to stacked plots (control sort order, normalize to percent for cumulative/incremental, error bars for percent and percent stack.
  • Support 2D objects in 3D OpenGL graphs (tables, images, drawn objects, bubble scales, OLE objects).
  • Enable bubble scale for OpenGL (3D scatter), including size formula.
  • Reconstruct Legend toolbar button support for 3D plots.


  • Embed Layout windows in worksheets.


Curve Fitting

  • Specify parameter initialization formula for user-defined fitting functions.
  • Support global fit and sharing of parameters for different functions. OriginPro Symbol.png
  • NLFit Parameters tab has "<" and ">" toggle buttons for switching parameter values for comparison of results.
  • Recalculate mode control moved to top of NLFit dialog box for easier access.
  • New, Add and Search buttons NLFit Settings > Function Selection tab.


  • Improved precision of Upper and Lower 95% CI of Mean.

Peak Analysis

  • Sequentially Initialize Parameter Values option for Batch Peak Analysis.OriginPro Symbol.png

Import and Export

  • Add Sparklines option when importing CSV files.
  • LabTalk script support for opening an Origin project folder in a new project file.
  • More metadata included when importing JCAMP files.
  • Export graphs to subfolders corresponding the the subfolder structures of the opj file
  • Display in Grayscale button in Print Preview.


  • Support HTML Dialog with JavaScript
  • Support communicating with an individual instance of Mathematica
  • Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) library update to latest version, Mark 25.

New Apps for 2017

Since Apps were introduced in version 2016, more than 30 new Apps have been added to the OriginLab File Exchange. Several new Apps have been released in conjunction with the release of Origin 2017.


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