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6.12.1 3D Pie Chart


Origin's 3D Pie Chart gives you complete control over the look of the plot. Set the thickness of the pie slice, displacement, view angle, and size and rotation of the chart. You can even choose to explode the view of one or more pie slices.

Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 01.png

What you will learn

  • Create 3D pie chart and change the view angle
  • Explode the view of pie slices
  • Customize pie slices individually


You can refer to this graph in Origin Central. (Select Help: Origin Central menu or press F11 key , and then open Graph Sample: Statistical Graphs)

  1. Import the data \Samples\Graphing\3D Pie Chart.dat into worksheet, and rename the column long name as Demographic and Percent.
  2. Highlight the 2nd column and create a 3D Pie Chart from Plot: Column/Bar/Pie: 3D Color Pie Chart.
  3. Double-click the pie chart to bring up the Plot Details dialog. In the Pattern tab, set the Fill color to Increment and red as starting color. Next, select the Pie Geometry tab and change the Rotation to 68 degrees. Then check the checkbox for American Indian and Other in the Explode Wedge group as shown below and click OK.

    Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 02.png
  4. Then hold the Ctrl key and double click each pie slice to open the Plot Details dialog and change the Fill Color in the Pattern tab.

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