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5.43 FAQ-777 How do I copy data with full precision by using Ctrl + C?

Last Update: 8/27/2015

With hotkey Ctrl + C, user can copy data formatted displayed to show 5 or 6 digits in the Origin Worksheet or Matrixsheet. While hotkey Ctrl + Alt + C is to copy data in full precision, which can be 15 digits.

However, if you want to change the default behavior, the system variable @CWACC can be used to reverse the accelerators for Copy and Copy (full precision).

  • To change the default behavior in the current Origin session only, open the Script Window, type the following, then press Enter:
  • To turn the feature off in future Origin sessions, choose Tools: System Variables to open Set System Variables dialog. Set CWACC to 1.

Then, Ctrl + C becomes the hot key to copy full precision in workbook and Ctrl + Alt + C is to copy data with formatted displayed digits

Keywords:System Variable, Copy, full precision


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