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Michael Buess

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Combine project windows into a file that can be viewed without Origin.


This is an easy way to share an Origin project with people who don't have Origin. Graphs and layouts are exported as WMF, JPG or GIF (OriginPro only) images... notes and worksheets as ASCII files... matrices as ASCII and/or bitmap files. All files are combined as an HTML Help file (see screen shot) which can be viewed on any Windows PC. Anyone who has the HTML Help Workshop can also decompile the HTML Help file and import the image or ASCII files to their favorite presentation or data analysis program.

Requires Origin 7.0 SR4 or higher.

1. Download and install Microsoft's free HTML Help Workshop.
2. Run OPJ_catalog.opk by double-clicking on the file name or dragging it to Origin's program window. This will create the Catalog toolbar containing a button which compiles OPJ_catalog.c and opens Project Catalog Help. (Press the Control key to suppress Help.)

1. Matrices can now be exported as data (ASCII) or images (bitmap). See the new -m option.
2. Graphs and layouts can now be exported as WMF, JPG or GIF images depending on the new -g option. (GIF exports are only available in OriginPro.) The size of GIF and JPG images can be controlled with the new -dpi option. Note: Catalogs created with JPG images will be considerably larger than those created with either WMF or GIF images.
3. An error in the setup script prevented the creation of the Catalog toolbar. Fixed 1/20/2004.

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Rated by: Mike Buess

Date: (9/5/2006 2:58:42 PM)

That's the whole point, sergej. It creates an HTML Help file (CHM) with images of windows in the project. CHM files can be read on all Windows PCs so you can send them to colleagues who don't have Origin. Instructions are in OPK_catalog.chm but I recommend the newer Origin Viewer instead... http://www.originlab.com/Viewer/

Rated by: sergej

Date: (8/9/2006 1:14:36 PM)

do not get how it works??? Get every time strange "catalog.chm".

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